Cake Tin Base Liner Square 23cm-31cm (9″ – 12″)


For 23cm-31cm (9″ – 12″) cake tins, use in conjunction with our Cake Tin Side Liner for great results from your baking every time!  No more having to cut the baking paper to fit your tin every single time you bake, simply put one of these in the bottom of your Cake Tin and your done.  No need to grease the liner or under the liner.  We recommend using our side liners in conjunction with the base liner.

Trade tested for 30+ years.  This is the original non-stick Cake Tin liner and is made to last.  Tough enough for the commercial kitchen, yet suitable for the home baker.

Nothing sticks to Teflon® – your cakes will just slide out of the tin.

Reusable hundreds of time, simply wash or wipe the liner between bakes.

Available in 2 sizes 23cm (9″) or 31cm (12″)  The liner features slits at the corners to enable the liner to press and fold up the side should your tin be smaller.
Available in 2 material types, Non-stick original and Non-stick Silver Bake. Please see our materials tab if you are unsure of which material is best for you.


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Non-Stick Original, Silver Bake

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23cm, 31cm




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